Supply Chain Lead - UP

Mathura - Mathura

27 Sep 2021

Mathura - Mathura


5 - 6 years

Key Responsibilities:
❖ Digitally map all human resource, infrastructure, movement and open dumps in the city to create a city
baseline and schedule in partnership with all stakeholders.
❖ Analyze field data, distribute work optimally to on-ground operations team and ensure that they are
enabled to perform their duties.
❖ Enable all logistic, safety and tech equipment and provide waste workers access to waste, protective
gear and hygienic working space.
❖ Measure, weigh, track, document city waste movement, quantum and type daily via the Monitoring
❖ Foster innovative / experimental solutions to ensure contextualized end of life solutions for the city’s
dry and wet.
❖ Networking and fostering relationship with the waste aggregators for robust waste supply chain.
❖ Prepare reports, proposals and data sheets to manage the Waste management process.

Performance Outcomes:
❖ Streamlining the ‘Waste Value Chain’ by overhauling waste collection from households and timely
pickup from waste storage facilities across the city.
❖ Monitoring the performance of Municipality staff and enabling them to improve Outcomes on
segregated Waste Collection, storage, transport and disposal.
❖ Ensuring that no Waste reaches landfills by researching, innovating and implementing end of life
disposal solutions suited to the needs of the city.

Experience & Qualifications:
❖ Understanding of waste processing and disposal systems
❖ 3-5 years of strong experience in supply chain management and logistics
❖ Ability to manage, analyze data, flag and solve issues accordingly.
❖ Knack to deal & communicate with Municipal Staff, Political leadership and key stakeholders.
❖ Proficiency in Hindi and English and Command over Microsoft tools (Project & Data Management tools
is a definite plus)
❖ Preferable: Mechanical or Chemical Engineer